What are serving beer tanks?

Tankbeer’s unique bag-in-tank system offers brewpubs, taprooms, and pubs / event spaces an ideal solution to high volume and sustainable drinks dispense. Due to the advanced technology in these tanks, the beer is kept in an airtight self-cooling bag, meaning the beer is always kept in the best condition.

The tanks are double-walled and cooled by cooling coils that run the entire length of the tank. It takes approximately 20 hours for the contents of the tank to drop by 5°C. In the event of a power failure, it takes 24 hours for the contents of the tank to rise by no more than 1°C. This is due to the high-quality finish and well-insulated properties of the tanks.  

The tanks come in stainless steel or copper finishes and are available in three different sizes: 2.5HL, 5HL, and 10HL.

By using a serving beer tank, it takes up less space than traditional steel kegs. It also saves you money immediately as the energy costs of cooling a tank is lower than the energy costs of maintaining a cold room.  

When using Tankbeer’s bag-in-tank technology, no CO2 is needed to dispense the beer. The bags are recyclable and biodegradable. No need to CIP the tanks after each use. You just need to change the bags and refill the tank. No need to filter or pasteurise the beer.

There is less handling of the beer, meaning you maintain the quality throughout the value chain.

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