CASE STUDY – Bristol Distilling Co

Posted October 20, 2020

Bristol Distillery choose Ninkasi Tanks

Founded in early 2017 Bristol Distilling Co was created with the intention to set itself apart from an industry bloated with ‘on-topic’ acronyms and hyperbole created by a team of marketers in fancy offices. Bristol Distilling Co wanted to show from the drinks it creates, to the way it thinks and how it expresses itself – they were a different type of company.

In 2018 the distillery was borne using a 500L copper pot still custom built for the business in Nebraska. The first gin ‘77’ was bottled in May 2018 and was quickly awarded in the International Wine and Sprits competition, followed up by another award in the same competition in 2020 for the 77 Black, a cold brew coffee and vanilla liqueur.

Refusing to accept conventional wisdom that large retailer listings can only come after years of slow and painful growth, the business now has contracts with Europe’s largest grocer.

With the business continuing to support and grow locally as well as through retail, expansion and strategy became more and more prevalent to the business leaders. The directors of the company wanted to bring more of the production in house, however recognised that growing the business through traditional methods was both capital intensive and slow.

So Bristol Distilling Co. reached out to Ninkasi rentals, and started to rent Fermentation Tanks to allow for their kegged Gin and Tonic to be blended under their expert tutelage.

From then it has been a match made in heaven with Ninkasi able to provide the equipment and support which allows Bristol Distilling Co. the room to grow organically without the worry of capital being tied up in assets which don’t drive a return.

What Bristol Distilling Say:

“Excellent service from the team at Ninkasi. They were able to understand our needs, support us through the decision-making process, no hard sell, no hassle, just an honest company trying to help another. When the tank arrived they had it installed where we wanted it, no mess, no fuss – just great service – and then when we noticed a small leak on one of the valves, they were down the next day and sorted everything out. We judge businesses on the way they are after a sale not before it, and Ninkasi have been great to us. We are also a small company with big ambitions and I think that entrepreneurial attitude and willingness to support and help your customers shines through everything that Ninkasi does – all, in all, very very happy to recommend them and their service to anyone out there that is thinking of tanks for their business.”

Jake Black – Director – Bristol Distilling Co.

“As Jake says the guys at Ninkasi have just been great, they always respond when you ask a question and when we needed support during the Covid pandemic, they didn’t hesitate. They are easy to talk if you have a question on invoicing or something similar – but to be honest the best thing about them is that you don’t even know that they are there. They don’t constantly email you or push like other companies, they just sit in the background, and if we need them, they are always there to help.”

Clare Neath – Director – Bristol Distilling Co.



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