Case Study – SALT

Posted novembre 21, 2020

Ninkasi Rentals and Finance have just helped SALT complete their new tank farm project. SALT (who are part of the Ossett Brewery Group) are currently in high demand among their customer base, and several large orders have meant that they needed in increase their production capacity swiftly and cost effectively.

SALT approached Ninkasi for a financially viable solution to increase their production capacity with minimal capital outlay while still having the ability to determine how they wish to handle any future transactions with Ninkasi. This meant that Ninkasi provided the upfront capital for the project while SALT received the tanks that they required to their exact specification.

Dr. Nadir Zairi, Managing Director at SALT said:

“It was a pleasure to work with Ninkasi on this project for our business. SALT is always looking to work with professional and supportive suppliers and found that the ethos and customer service within Ninkasi really matched our own.

We are currently going through a significant growth phase and as such needed to increase our capacity, with the current economic climate and uncertainty in the market we felt that a rental solution provided the best possible capital advantages while also protecting the business from any unknown market forces which could impact and would be beyond our control.

We are very happy with our choice and the service and value provided by Ninaksi”.

James Lewis, Managing Director at Ninkasi Rentals said:

“The tank farm project at Salt has been smooth sailing since day one. The vision that Nadir and his team have for the business is very clear and having known the business for many years, providing the capital for their expansion was something that we were always happy to support.

We have found that many of our customers have moved into expanded small pack production during the recent pandemic, and as such Ninkasi have been able to provide additional tank capacity for them quickly and at a time to really help their business thrive in uncertain times. The flexibility of our rental offering is also very attractive to our customers during these uncertain times as it allows customers to grow with demand, but not necessarily risk the upfront capital of outright purchase.

The 9 x 60hl tank farm at Salt is representative of how we can work alongside a customer to ensure that their ambition and ability to meet their customer demand is done both cost effectively and smoothly”.


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